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As your Educational Advocate, we are here to help your family understand your child’s legal rights within a public or private school system. Educational Advocacy is not limited to special education services. Our goal is to create a positive and meaningful impact on your child’s educational experience by seeking justice for their specific learning needs.  



Ashley received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Studies from the University of North Texas, along with completing a 180 hour practicum serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Applied Behavior Analysis. Ashley is certified EC-12 special education, EC-4 general education, EC-12 ESL teacher. In addition, Ashley has completed the Multi-sensory Teaching Approach (Dyslexia) Certification through Scottish Rite Hospital.  


Ashley’s passion is serving others and seeking justice in the education system for every child, everyday. Through years of working in the education system Ashley recognized firsthand the urgent need for educational advocates. Ashley has over 15 years of experience participating in the ARD process with hundreds of impacted families. Ashley has advocated for many families of students with special needs during her time in the education system.  

Ashley taught in the classroom for over 14 years, coached teachers instructionally, and served as a campus reading specialist. Most recently she has served as the educational advocate at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. Individual and special needs require a strong advocate, Ashley is equipped and prepared to sit on your side of the table and help you journey the unknown. 



Jennifer Rojas

Celina, Tx.

Working with Ashley as our advocate is the best decision we made when trying to navigate the IEP process for our son. Ashley provided immediate relief during our initial call. She took the time to listen to our son’s needs. Knowing we had someone in our corner who understands the entire process took a tremendous amount of stress off our shoulders. From our initial consultation, ARD committee meeting, and subsequent follow-ups, she has supported and empowered us through the IEP process. We would not be where we are today without Ashley!

Monique Moore

Richardson, Tx.

In January 2021, my niece had to be hospitalized for 9 days and it was a very difficult time. Communication with the school was also very difficult. I had no idea how things were supposed to happen when a child missed so much school and nobody at the school assisted me with that information. Once I spoke to Ashley she walked me through exactly what my rights were, as well as my nieces, and what I should be able to expect from the school and my niece’s teachers. She armed me with the knowledge I needed to advocate for my niece and afterward let me tell you, the school finally started communicating with me and paying attention. I cannot thank Ashley enough for making that a much better experience.

Courtney Eoff-Serna

Frisco, Tx.

Ashley was able to help my family and I navigate the complicated world of public schools. After entering into elementary school for the first time (and every year following) Ashley has been our advocate, walking us through the steps of setting up a 504 plan and knowing when to ask questions and push back for answers and more support. She has helped guide us every step of the way. Even going as far as to join our meetings in person as an advocate or FaceTime when it wasn’t possible for multiple people to attend. She asks the hard hitting questions you wouldn’t think (or even know) to ask and she always pushes for what is best for your child and goes above and beyond! 

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